Horizon Fintech Platform

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Microservice based, reactive system, delivering high performance and resilient solutions to Fintech operators.

Technical details of the project:

  • Reactive microservice architecture with more than 150 in production
  • Event driven architecture which uses APACHE Kafka as an Event Storage
  • gRpc to connect services
  • JVM as the main stack for developing microservices,
  • Scala as the main programming language
  • AKKA Actor,AKKA Typed,AKKA Cluster,AKKA Persistence
  • Cats, ZIO, Cats Effects, Monocle, Magnolia
  • Slick, Elastic4S
  • PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Clickhouse for persistent storage
  • When developing each microservice, we select the most optimal approaches

DevOps as main ideology

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DevOps & Engineering culture:

  • Iterative development (1 week sprints);
  • Extreme Programming;
  • Flat management system;
  • The management team and the business team work together to prioritize the Backlog and set business tasks;
  • We feature the DevOps culture where the team participates in the whole product development cycle, starting from the analysis of business requirements, implementation, design, and testing to deployment and monitoring and evolution of the feature.
  • To ensure the stability of the product, we implement testing at all levels: integration testing, functional testing, contract testing , performance testing and monitoring
  • Development best practices: microservices are made to be as small and isolated as possible according to the principle of single responsibility;
  • We constantly review the architecture seeking ways to improve the technical quality of the product;
  • We review the architecture of microservice interactions and decompose them adhering to the principle of single responsibility

Delivery Process:

  • AWS hosting;
  • AWS RDS for persistent storage;
  • Docker for containers;
  • Docker Swarm for orchestration; (in the process of adopting Kubernetes)
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery based on Jenkins
  • GitOps for Deployment in multi-version environment
  • Grafana and Prometheus for monitoring Monitoring and alerting uses business metrics and infrastructure metrics

Maksymovycha Mykhaila street, building 8

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