We engineer Salesforce solutions to empower our clients to pursue the extraordinary

Newage is a Salesforce engineering and consulting company that has been empowering its clients since 2016 to pursue mastery in digital innovation. Our team of tech geeks are located in Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, and Cyprus, and specialize in developing proprietary products and platforms for clients across various industries, including iGaming, fintech, and insurtech.

At Newage, our core focus is on providing innovative Salesforce solutions that make it easier and faster for our clients to build their projects and offer stunning user experience. 

Why we exist

With in-depth expertise in iGaming and Fintech, we respond to challenges that are unique to all our clients.

We are working here as communities built around products and technologies. This helps us stay involved and feel part of the organisation, communicate with each other and build healthy relationship.

We are not afraid of learning from mistakes and whatever we do, we strive to do as continual experimentation, taking risks and learning from failures.

We take ownership of problems and make ourselves accountable for success. This is an individual and collective responsibility on which we never compromise.

Yevheniia Bocharova
Yevheniia Bocharova
Delivery Director
At Newage, we firmly believe that embracing equality and diversity is not just the right thing to do, it's the foundation for building a strong, innovative, and successful organisation. We value and celebrate the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of our employees. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment where every individual feels heard, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Equality and Diversity Statement


At Newage, we believe in fostering a culture of equality and diversity that embraces and celebrates the unique qualities and perspectives of every individual. We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best.

We recognise that diversity encompasses a wide range of dimensions, including but not limited to age, race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, religion, socioeconomic background, and educational attainment. We understand that these diverse experiences and backgrounds enrich our organisation, fuel innovation, and drive our success.

In pursuit of equality, we are dedicated to:

  • Providing Equal Opportunities: We strive to ensure that all employees, applicants, and stakeholders are treated fairly and without discrimination in all aspects of employment and engagement with our company. We base our decisions on merit, qualifications, and skills, creating a level playing field for all.
  • Fostering an Inclusive Culture: We foster an inclusive environment that encourages open dialogue, collaboration, and mutual respect. We actively seek diverse perspectives and actively listen to different voices, recognising that our differences make us stronger as a team.
  • Embracing Employee Well-being: We prioritise the well-being and mental health of our employees by providing a supportive and inclusive work environment. We promote work-life balance, offer resources and programs to support personal growth and development, and ensure equal access to benefits and opportunities for all.
  • Promoting Diversity in Leadership: We are committed to increasing diversity at all levels of our organisation, including in leadership positions. We actively promote opportunities for underrepresented groups and provide mentoring and development programs to cultivate a diverse pipeline of talent.
  • Engaging with the Community: We engage with our local and global communities to promote equality, diversity, and social justice. We support initiatives, organisations, and causes that champion these principles and actively contribute to creating positive change.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: We recognise that creating a truly inclusive and equitable organisation is an ongoing journey. We are committed to continually educating ourselves, challenging biases, and evolving our practices to ensure equality and diversity remain at the core of our company’s values.

By embracing equality and diversity, we aim to create an environment where all individuals can thrive, bring their authentic selves to work, and contribute to our shared vision. We believe that by valuing and respecting the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of our employees, we can drive innovation, enhance decision-making, and create a positive impact on our employees, customers, and communities we serve.

Trusted by customers, partners and the industry

Bryan Oldman
Bryan Oldman
CMO at Rival
We are thrilled with the results, and we are grateful that Newage was able to provide us with the opportunity to streamline our marketing processes, manage our data more securely, and deploy solutions that make it easier for us to focus on creating meaningful opportunities in this highly competitive industry.
Ani Manjavidze
Ani Manjavidze
CEO and founder at Crosscreators
Team of professionals, who know what they are doing- what’s more important they have the Mantra to underpromise but overdeliver.
Oleksandr Korinenko
Oleksandr Korinenko
CEO, Opika, an insurance company
The Newage team helped us release two insurance products that could be purchased on our website. Everything was clear and on time. They were always there to offer a solution to a particular problem we had.
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