Who we are

We are technology enthusiasts, which means we constantly look for and try out new technologies. This helps us to ensure that we always deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our clients. We believe that software should be intuitive to use on any device and from anywhere. But as a product development company, there is more to it for us: it’s vital that clients can keep adding value to their business without any delays or downtimes.

We build software using microservices and automation to ensure system stability and continuous delivery of new features.

To accomplish this, we work with cloud hosting providers to provide easily-scalable platforms which can grow at the same speed as your business.

Some of the technologies we use include Kafka, Docker, Java, Scala, Akka, React, and Nodejs. Know something really cool that you think we should look into? Awesome - you might be the person we’re looking for! Head over to our Career page. We’re always looking for great talent to join us.


Our team

(60+ people, with 4-6 members in each Domain
Driven Feature Team)


Scala teams


Data Engineering Team


QA Team (with a QA engineer
in each team)


Frontend team


Business Analyst Team


Node JS team


DevOps Team


L2/L3 Support

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