Enhancing the Luxury E-commerce Experience for First Boutique
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Enhancing the Luxury E-commerce Experience for First Boutique

About the client

First Boutique is an established online store that has been providing top-quality luxury fashion items to customers worldwide since its launch. With a wide selection of high-end fashion items from renowned designers, First Boutique offers a seamless shopping experience that is unmatched in the industry.

First Boutique, the biggest luxury multi-brand store in the island offers exquisite collections from the worlds premier and most sought-after designers of clothing, shoes and accessories. The Boutique also houses an award-winning range of skincare products, as well as fragrances.

Since 2012 First Boutique continues to elevate its luxury retail experience and committed to offer to all clients, worldwide, a truly enjoyable shopping experience along with exceptional customer service in-store and online. 

The challenge

To enhance its focus on providing direct digital engagement with its customers, First Boutique wanted to provide seamless digital experience to its clients on all platforms including mobile or tablet. With this goal in mind, the Newage team was tasked to develop an e-commerce mobile application, including the following aspects: 

The solution

An omni-channel approach – along with personalised offers, integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & CRM platforms, product pages and shopping bag functionality – were essential to implement for providing a seamless digital experience for online shoppers. 

React Native was used to create several interactive elements within the app such as allowing customers to browse various products and refine search results to quickly locate items. React Native was employed to facilitate smooth navigation between pages as well as providing an attractive UI design. Magento Graph QL and Rest API allowed users access to product details while also connecting with inventory information stored in ERP & CRM platforms. 

Finally, technology stack was instrumental in ensuring data security and rapid response times, processing transactions. All these technologies together enabled the Newage team to create an efficient, effective mobile application that is both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. 

In addition, the engineering team also ensured that key project stakeholders from the client side were involved in building a communication loop when it came to integrating Atelier and Magento shopping platform – parts of the project that were not handled by Newage.

Tech stack
JavaScript React Native Magento Graph Rest API Magento
The result:

The collaboration between Newage and First Boutique has led to the development of an innovative e-commerce mobile application. It offers an intuitive and a seamless shopping experience to customers that caters to the needs of fashion-forward individuals who demand the best by providing personalised features such as filtering options, comprehensive product pages, and secure transactions.  

The app’s integration with ERP and CRM platforms ensures that app users receive personalised offers, early access to sales and exclusive releases, so they can stay ahead of the curve and snag the hottest items before they sell out, adding to the overall convenience of the shopping journey. 

Additionally, the app enables omnichannel communication and allows reaching new market segments, including those who prefer making online purchases via mobile devices.  

Ilya Loshak
Ilya Loshak
CEO at First Boutique
The e-commerce mobile application they developed has met our expectations. Our customers now enjoy enhanced convenience and a delightful shopping experience, thanks to the outstanding features and infrastructure provided by Newage. The incorporation of omnichannel communication has been crucial, enabling us to offer our customers more choices and elevate their shopping journey.
You can download the application:

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