Fantasy sports platform development for Rival
Custom software development

Fantasy sports platform development for Rival

About the client

Rival is a Fantasy Sports provider that offers fun and unique sports gaming experiences. With over 1,700 players daily the company offers new experience in fantasy sports both for committed players and players who are just starting 

The challenge

When the Rival team set out to create a new fantasy sports platform, they realised their success would hinge on having the right technology partner by their side. After conducting rigorous due diligence, they chose Newage to build an entirely new fantasy sports platform from scratch – and the results were nothing short of remarkable.

The solution

The project required developing an entire platform from the ground up, including building out 20 microservices and 3 distinct products within 6 months

To ensure success, the Newage team leveraged a stack of advanced technologies such as Node.js, React (Next.js), Docker, AWS, SQS/SNS, ECS Fargate, Postgres and Terraform. This enabled them to create a secure system with fast loading time, secure payment options thanks to powerful cloud native technologies such as AWS and Postgres for data storage & analytics – giving rise to intelligent matchmaking systems and intuitive user interfaces throughout all three products offered through the platform. 

The engineering approach enabled Rival to get started quickly and onboard early users into their ecosystem with payment processing capabilities ready for use within just six months from first commit. 

Retainly integration to automate client engagement

In addition to the custom development partnership, Newage also helped Rival automate their marketing and client engagement by leveraging the proprietary Retainly martech platform. A cutting-edge all-in-one platform, Retainly enables businesses to streamline their processes with automated email, web push notifications, and SMS messages for all customer touch points. Retainly also offers functionality to launch tailored marketing campaigns, retain customers, and drive lifetime value – all of which were critical for the success of the Rival team’s ambitious vision. 

Using Retainly was a revelation for the Rival team – they could focus on what would keep their business entrenched in the marketplace instead of wasting their time on mundane tasks like manually entering data into multiple spreadsheets or manually sending out mass emails for each new campaign launch. 

Tech stack
Nodejs React (Nextjs) React-Native ElasticSearch VPC EC2 RDS Docker Sphinx Terraform Terragrunt AWS
The result

By leveraging Newage’s expertise in custom development, Rival were able to bring multiple features and experiences onto one unified platform.  

Thanks to the visionary ideas of Rival team combined with Newage’s commitment and dedication towards custom development solutions – such as deploying real-time data analytics systems or supporting cloud native technologies–Rival will likely remain at the forefront of this fiercely competitive industry for years to come.

Bryan Oldman
Bryan Oldman
CMO at Rival
We are thrilled with the results, and we are grateful that Newage was able to provide us with the opportunity to streamline our marketing processes, manage our data more securely, and deploy solutions that make it easier for us to focus on creating meaningful opportunities in this highly competitive industry.

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