Unleashing the power of augmented reality with Crosscreators marketplace
Custom software development

Unleashing the power of augmented reality with Crosscreators marketplace

About the client

Crosscreators is an AR marketplace for creators seeking to monetise their skills, and for brands to collaborate with creators and to access AR content easily and affordably. At the start of 2021, Crosscreators was a small startup striving to revolutionize the world of Augmented Reality (AR) by making AR content creation simple and affordable. Their ambition has paid off – today, they are part of WiseGuys Accelerator and looking to scale their success even further.

The challenge

Crosscreators goal was to build an AR marketplace where mid-market and SMBs can cost-effectively and simply get AR content on demand. To create this bold vision, Crosscreators needed a reliable and feature-rich platform that could handle a multitude of requests while remaining user friendly. That’s when they turned to Newage, specializing in custom platform development and web engineering.

The solution

Thanks to detailed briefings and excellent communication between teams, the Newage engineering and design teams were able to get started within days after the project was agreed. The team utilised a variety of technologies to ensure maximum efficiency. These included PHP and Symfony as backend frameworks, React.js on the frontend, Redis and PostgreSQL databases, Cloudflare and Sentry for security, New Relic for performance monitoring, AWS and ECS Fargate for cloud hosting capabilities.

The implementation process went smoothly as well due to Newage’s meticulous attention toward every detail and comprehensive testing procedures throughout development lifecycle. As a result, in just 4 months the team created MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) which was released onto market. All these efforts culminated in robust platform created with user experience at its core, where brands and creators can engage in 3 ways:

  1. Contests – for those who don’t know exactly what they need, they have the option to choose from various concept ideas and budget offerings.
  2. 1 to 1 projects – for those who know what they need and have a spec and can directly contact their chosen creator for a collaboration.
  3. Marketplace (AR stock) – where brands can buy off-the-shelf, yet customisable templates.
Technology stack
PHP Symfony React.js Redis PostgreSQL Cloudflare Sentry New Relic AWS ECS Fargate
The result

The platform was built with both agencies and creators in mind, allowing an intuitive experience for all its users.

The platform has expanded its scope beyond just connecting agencies and creators with each other and now more people are utilising the projects management resources it provides. This makes it easier than ever for both agencies and creators alike to coordinate and communicate regarding project details such as deadlines, deliverables, and dates of completion.

Ani Manjavidze
Ani Manjavidze
Co-founder & CEO, Crosscreators
Team of professionals, who know what they are doing- what’s more important they have the Mantra to underpromise but overdeliver.

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