Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool that can benefit any business. For an igaming business with a global reach, Salesforce can be particularly useful in helping to manage customer relationships and communications. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Salesforce can help to improve communication within an igaming business, and how the benefits of using Salesforce can be extended to all areas of the business. By implementing a Salesforce solution, an igaming business can improve communication across all departments, increasing efficiency and driving better results.

Upgrade of the existing Saleforce solution to better understand customer needs is an international iGaming company that knows what the customer wants. With over 3,150 gaming titles, 42+ sports betting markets and 5+ million customers around the world under its belt, Bluechip continues to set the standard for premium gaming experiences. With the goal of improving communication with customers and providing better customer support, Bluechip team sought the help to upgrade their existing Salesforce implementation. The business need was to better understand customer needs, minimise loss of customer loyalty, refine processes for CRM operators and managers and deliver insightful analytics.

The Newage Salesforce team knew they needed to take Bluechip’s customer service and operations to the next level. So, they set out to identify why customers were not returning after their initial purchase or playing a few games. They also needed to determine what kind of obstacles operators were running into while processing user requests. To enable fast and easy file sharing from live chats, new features were developed, as well as integration points for gathering data from third-party sources. This was all in an effort to optimise how many tasks each operator was handling during live chats, plus add extra reporting features to give Bluechip insight into any issues that arose. These measures went a long way towards improving communication between Bluechip’s users and the sales team, while streamlining processes for CRM operators and managers.

Additionally, the Newage team had to:

  • set up custom telephony services for automated call backs,
  • tweak additional chat events for managers’ analysis,
  • add styling options for chat transcripts,
  • integrate analytics into existing reporting tools,
  • expand live chat capabilities with integrations,
  • create custom functionality for processing contact databases stored within Salesforce systems.

The next level of customer support

The Newage Salesforce team started by integrating messenger services into the client’s website. Now operators could quickly send files over via live chats so help was only a few clicks away. The easy access to technical documents or instructions gave players faster access in case of problems and issues with their service. Additionally, it helped lighten the load of individual personnel dealing with user inquiries each day, allowing them to evenly distribute work between employees based on experience level. To provide even better insights into player experience, the engineering team introduced several new reporting features that would help track how often issues or requests were occurring and how quickly they were being addressed by the operators. This information could be used to customize communication with players and to ensure that customer support personnel could offer players an even more personalised experience in a timely manner.’s customer support process has proven to be a major success. Powered by an upgraded Salesforce solution, it allows their players easy access to friendly help and advice whenever they need it. The results have been remarkable; customer satisfaction, retention, revenue and speed of chat transcriptions have all seen an impressive increase. reported that customer satisfaction climbed 25%, alongside a 20% improvement in both customer engagement and revenue. Moreover, service speed and the rate of chat transcriptions processed increased by 55% and 20%, respectively.

In conclusion, the benefits of improved client communication and customer support cannot be overstated. With the help of Salesforce solution upgraded by the Newage team, the client streamlined their processes, increased efficiency, and ultimately provided better service to their customers. By leveraging technology to enhance communication, companies can build stronger relationships with their clients and improve their overall experience. Investing in a robust system such as Salesforce is not only a smart business decision but also a necessary step towards staying competitive in today’s market.

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