Technology today is constantly evolving, enabling businesses to become more efficient and cost-effective. In order to meet customer demands and needs, companies need to be able to find the most suitable technology solutions for their needs. This was the challenge facing Flexistax, a brand-new trading company aiming to provide cutting-edge trading technologies.

Custom solution

The Newage Salesforce engineering team offered a custom solution, integrating the world-leading Salesforce Service Cloud CRM into Flexistax’s existing ecosystem, providing them with all of the tools they needed for success. By leveraging automated workflows and custom integration options, the team enabled Flexistax to have a comprehensive view of their customers’ interactions and activities with Salesforce Service Cloud CRM. This included features such as customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, email automation and custom reporting which made it much easier for them to manage customer requests quickly and efficiently.

Salesforce Service Cloud

To integrate with Salesforce Service Cloud, the team have used Rest API because it allows for easy integration and communication between different systems. Additionally, Rest API offers a flexible and scalable solution for integrating with Salesforce Service Cloud. It supports multiple programming languages and platforms, making it easier to connect with different applications and systems.

Within three months of implementation, the system had reduced costs by 60% while incident tracking optimisation increased by 70%. The Newage team had helped Flexistax discover the right technology solutions for their needs – enabling them to launch successfully into the market with confidence.

As CTO of Flexi Stax LTD said:

“It has been a pleasure working with such a talented and hardworking team. Your attention to detail and ability to understand and fulfill our needs has made our collaboration feel like a true partnership. Your flexibility and willingness to adapt to our changing requirements has been greatly appreciated, and the results speak for themselves.”

Let’s review

In conclusion – investing in advanced technologies is an essential part of successfully doing business in today’s competitive market. With cloud-based services such as Salesforce Service Cloud CRM at your disposal, you can start streamlining processes immediately – reducing costs while improving efficiency at the same time!