stands with 🇺🇦Ukraine

Newage was started in Ukraine in 2016 by Giorgi Aleksidze, a native Georgian who moved to Ukraine. Started with a dozen people in the first product team, today we are 200+ in 3 countries and 5 products that are being developed by our teams. Kyiv is the city where our headquarters are with the biggest number of people in the teams. Today Ukraine is fighting back. The Ukrainian army stands its ground and protects the citizens. We strongly believe in our victory and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

How can you support?

Please consider donating to Come Back Alive or other charities helping Ukraine:

– Donate to Ukrainian armed forces here

– Donate to Come Back Alive here

Other ways to help

What Newage is doing

During the first weeks of war, our admin teams have been working to deliver financial assistance, as well as helping arrange transportation and accommodation for our relocated team members and their families.

Newage has transferred funds to support the Ukraine’s Armed Forces and for humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians affected by Russia’s aggression.

We continue paying the remuneration with no interruption, and we will keep supporting our team members and the whole Ukraine in this fight for peace and freedom.

Trusted media sources in English

There are a lot of fake news and misinformation circulating around the war in Ukraine in media abroad. These are the websites where you can get more information about the real state of things: