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Retainly, the all-encompassing omnichannel engagement platform proudly hailing from Ukraine. Effortlessly automate emails, SMS messages, and push notifications, ensuring your valued customers keep coming back for more.
With its user-friendly design, Retainly makes it a breeze to execute high-impact campaigns across all communication channels.

Retainly helps marketing and product teams to:
  • Streamline administrative tasks
    Unleash the full potential of marketing tech stack by overcoming complexities that limit most marketers to just 10-15% usage.
  • Reduce IT reliance
    Decrease the need for ongoing IT support, enabling marketers to manage their tech stack independently.
  • Track key metrics with ease
    Provide product and marketing teams with efficient tools to handle increasing demands and limited resources.
  • Move the leads through the funnel faster
    Launch campaigns swiftly by overcoming the challenges of fragmented tools and complex features.
  • Unify MarTech stack
    Eliminate cumbersome manual processes and data silos by integrating marketing platforms for smooth operation.
  • Make room for creativity
    Spare marketers from spending unnecessary hours learning a multitude of disconnected tools, allowing creativity to thrive.
Petter Sehlin
Petter Sehlin
Founder of Ping Payments
It's an excellent tool, feature-packed and very smart. It's an amazing feat by such a small team to get something this good out to market during wartime.
Sanjulian Nis
Sanjulian Nis
Product Owner
Retainly is designed to help businesses improve the loyalty and engagement of their customers, and to create added value. The platform achieves this by automating exclusive user experience delivery, based on the behavioural patterns of each individual user.
Technology stack
PHP 8 Laravel Node.JS React.JS MySQL MongoDB AWS Grafana Docker k8s Kafka Redis