Newage Tech Radar 2023


What is the Newage Tech Radar?

This is a definitive list of cutting-edge technologies, each assigned a ring based on our expert assessment. Our four rings carry specific meanings, helping you stay ahead of the curve with ease.

ADOPT — these technologies are the cream of the crop, tried and tested in our production environments, with low risk and high confidence.

TRIAL — technologies that we have seen work with success in project work to solve a real problem; first serious usage experience that confirm benefits and can uncover limitations. While TRIAL technologies are slightly more risky, our engineers have walked this path and are eager to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

ASSESS — technologies that are the next big thing, worth investing time and effort in. ASSESS technologies have higher risks; they are often brand new and highly unproven in our organisation. You will find some engineers that have knowledge in the technology and promote it, you may even find teams that have started a prototyping effort.

HOLD — technologies not recommended to be used for new projects. Technologies that we think are not (yet) worth to (further) invest in. HOLD technologies should be avoided for new projects, but can still be used for existing ones.

Stay on top of the latest tech trends with our Tech Radar!